I am Jui. If you love tea, vegetarian food and lots of giggles, we probably work on the same wavelength. Testing software code and food recipes is what makes me happy. I have a blog with the name www.whenchaimetbiskit.com. I mostly re-create long lost Maharashtrian traditional recipes and also develop recipes that are vegan and vegetarian.


Something more..

The course of your life depends upon the choices you make. And sometimes, life throws at you the options that are equally important. Either of the choice will change your life by 360 degrees. I have experienced this situation all through my life and that’s the reason why you are reading my blog right now.

My life started in a city in India that is rich in heritage, sarcasm and great Food! Yes, I am a product of Pune. Eventually got married and decided to move to the States. Although the decision to move across the globe was difficult, I wanted to discover what was waiting for me, there. And the excitement to stay with my husband in a new city felt exciting more fancy.

I had no work authorization to work nor any fancy hobbies that I wanted to pursue further. All things came crashing when reality hit me. The sheer emptiness started looming in on me once husband stepped out of the house. Not just by company, but by thoughts, by work and by happiness.

Woke up everyday without any agenda and fell asleep without the happiness of accomplishing something. I tried to reconnect with many of my old friends and made new ones too, just to kill my time and have company. But the hollowness inside me did not cease. Every Monday was a battle after a happening weekend. Eventually, I decided to work on things that I had never tried. Went shopping alone. Explored different places in the vicinity.Taught myself Yoga. But the sense of accomplishment that you have after working for 12 hours a day, never came back.

One fine day, sometime in late 2017, I came across the concept of food blogging while I was idling on my Instagram feed. I felt the urge to try all the dishes put out. Those dishes were for people to see and lure them to make it. I started experimenting with food. One thing that I had never tried because of the time constraint was cooking and finally, I had all the time in the world to try out. I experimented day in and day out. Learnt all those dishes that I wanted to eat, even the ones that I came across on TV. Like Monica’s leftover thanksgiving sandwich!!

Life moved on, and I slowly started getting into the groove of food blogging. I learnt how to take pictures. Worked on building up a website, making my own backdrops, scavenging through the ceramics of stores for food props so on and so forth.

Slowly overcoming hurdles..

I am no longer scared of Monday now. I am happy to bid him goodbye 😀 Infact, the days just evaporate in the air when I am working on my blog, writing recipes, watching videos to calibrate my photography skills and cooking. I finally found my niche and I am working to share my passion with you all. All these recipes that I have created in the blog are curated and simplified by yours truly and I am sure you are going to like them as much as me.

If you want to connect with me or want to share your story with me, I would love to do it over a cup of coffee (virtually or personally 🙂 ). My email id is jui.chakrapani@gmail.com or you can connect with me on Instagram and Facebook

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