Finger millet/Nachni porridge

Finger millet is one of the best food ingredient if you are trying to loose weight or feel anemic. This millet is a boon for women of all stages. Right from the time they hit puberty to the time they hit menopause, this is one ingredient that helps pass each stage peacefully.

Who can eat Finger millet porridge?

From the beginning of time I was petite (not anymore) and when I hit puberty, I turned cranky. I was always tired and weary. It was because I was anemic – iron deficiency. My grandmother found out about the Nachni porridge (Finger Millet/Ragi) and then every morning, my breakfast was this Porridge. Eventually the puberty phase turned soothing. I became healthy and not fat. This turned into a habit after all those years and I still make it when the winter sets in and the body needs some heat. And these days, I have took comfort in this bowl of Porridge because I want to loose some weight for the upcoming trip 😉

Finger Millet is rich in iron, calcium and proteins. So it can be also given to little children to support healthy bone growth and to lactating women. The Porridge recommended for children is usually the consistency of Kheer with little more milk than Finger Millet content (because more amount of Finger Millet can cause heat into the body of the child)

What is Finger millet porridge?

This porridge is very easy to make, and can be made in minutes.  No fancy equipment or fancy ingredients needed and can be breakfast staple in the cold and busier days. This porridge is usually sweetened with jaggery or can be made savory with tempered garlic and butter. I choose neither, I just add some dry fruits for the extra crunch.

This ingredient i.e finger millet/Nachni/Ragi has heat into it. So it is usually recommended to consume in the colder days of the year.

How to prepare?

I have used 1 cup of Finger Millet flour and then mixed into 1 cup of water without leaving any lumps.

This is then cooked into pan for 5-7 mins or until the mixture thickens and the color turns slightly dark. Like the one shown below..

Once that is done, just add milk to make it slightly runny. You can also add some dry fruits and chia seeds to make a perfect breakfast recipe.

Finger millet porridge
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Finger Millet porridge is one of the quickest and easy breakfast recipe that is packed with iron, calcium and proteins.
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 2 bowls
  • 1 cup of Finger Millet/Nachni/Ragi flour
  • 2 cups of milk (you can also use dairy free milk)
  • 1.5 cups of water
  • handful of chia seeds
  • 2 dried figs (optional)
  • coconut flakes (optional)
  1. In a bowl, mix the Finger millet flour with water . Make sure there are no lumps.
  2. Heat a pan on low flame and add the mixture to the pan.
  3. Cook the mixture until it thickens and the color changes to slightly dark.
  4. You can add spoonful of sugar/jaggery(optional) to sweeten
  5. Pour the porridge into serving bowls and add some milk to the serving.
  6. Add dry fruits and chia seeds and serve hot.
You can make sweet porridge for the kids by adding jaggery or sugar to the porridge.
You can also make a savory porridge by adding some tempered butter and garlic to the final porridge. Do not add milk in this case, just add water to make it slightly runny( if required)

You can eat this porridge anytime of the day and I can assure you, its absolutely filling and healthy.


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